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Lower Egypt

TM Geo 2712

Egypt - Lower Egypt (L) - provincia: Aegyptus - same as L Kato chora (TM Geo 4819)? P-ta-mehet (TM Geo 10722)? cf. Egypt (TM Geo 49)

Status: region

Greek name(s): Κάτω Αἴγυπτος
Latin name(s): Aegyptus Inferior
Egyptian name(s): Mḥw (Mḥy - Tȝ-Mḥy - Mḥȝ) - ʿ-mḥty (ʿ-mḥṱ)
Variants: Lower Egypt - Kato Aigyptos - Aegyptus Inferior - Mehou - A-mehti ('Northern region')

Biblio: Sethe, ZÄS 44 (1907), p. 10-13; Griffith, P. Ryl. Dem., 1909, p. 425; Wb 2, 1927, p. 123; Erichsen, Glossar, 1954, p. 174; p. 450; p. 509; Edel, SAK 1 (1974), p. 122; CDD M, 2010, p. 200-202
Map: Rifaud, Carte du cours du Nil, 1830 (Basse Egypte); Gardiner, AEO 2, 1947, p. 132*-133* (Lower Egypt); Baines / Málek, Atlas, 2002(2), p. 15 [a] (Lower Egypt)
Note: new reading in Stadler, P. Pa-Month, col. 2, 9 (Pr-Imnt / '(House of) the West', no toponym)

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Stable URI (with TM Geo ID): www.trismegistos.org/place/2712




71 texts found or written in Lower Egypt

This is a province, region, district or quarter for which Trismegistos does not have polygon coordinates. The figure provided above is that of only the texts assigned to this zone in general, and does not include more specifically located texts. The real number of texts found or written is thus higher.

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TM id Publication Attestation Material Language Date Provenance
113405Jansen-Winkeln, Inschriften der Spätzeit 2 p. 430-431 no. 45.72[found & written]stone Hieroglyphic BC10 - BC08 Egypt, L - Lower Egypt [found & written]
113408Jansen-Winkeln, Inschriften der Spätzeit 2 p. 202 no. 22.33[found & written]stone Hieratic BC09 Egypt, L - Lower Egypt [found & written]
113359Jansen-Winkeln, Inschriften der Spätzeit 2 p. 389 no. 44.16[found & written]stone Hieroglyphic BC08 Egypt, L - Lower Egypt [found & written]
90566Jansen-Winkeln, Inschriften der Spätzeit 4.2 60.95[found & written]stone (granodiorite) Hieroglyphic BC07 - BC06 Egypt, L - Lower Egypt (?) [found & written]
110304Steindorff, Catalogue Egyptian sculpture Walters Art Gallery 260[found & written]stone (limestone) Hieroglyphic BC07 - BC06 Egypt, L - Lower Egypt [found & written]
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