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Pachora (Faras)

TM Geo 3170

Sudan - provincia: outside the Imperium Romanum - located between Abu Simbel (TM Geo 33) and the 2nd cataract, on the eastern Nile bank - same as Phthour (TM Geo 11227)? Kambysou Tamieia (TM Geo 4755)?
22.204049,31.498587 (Lat,Long)

Links: Digital Atlas of the Roman Empire, Medieval Nubia, Pleiades

Status: city: polis; metropolis; oppidum

Greek name(s): Παχωρα
Latin name(s): Tapros - Phitorga?
Egyptian name(s): Pḫrse - Pe-ỉrs?
Coptic name(s): ⲡⲁⲭⲱⲣⲁⲥ
Modern name(s): Faras
Variants: Pachora (Pachoras - Tapros) - Phitorga? - Pecherse - Faras - sites including Colasucia

Repertoria: Dizionario IV, p. 79
Biblio: Priese, Meroitica 7 (1984), p. 489-490; Fontes Historiae Nubiorum 2, 1996, p. 556; 3, 1998, p. 806; p. 808; p. 879; Łajtar, The Upper Church at Banganari, 2020, p. 65-67
Map: Barrington Atlas, 2000, pl. 81 B3 (Pachoras); Répertoire d’épigraphie méroïtique, 2000, p. xx (Faras); Baines / Málek, Atlas, 2002(2), p. 178-179 (Faras); Baines / Málek, Atlas, 2002(2), p. 186 (Faras)
Note: obsolete reading: Prosda

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Stable URI (with TM Geo ID): www.trismegistos.org/place/3170




582 texts found or written in Pachora
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TM id Publication Attestation Material Language Date Provenance
913259I. Faras Gr. 22[found & written]stone? Greek BC08 - AD08 Sudan, Pachora (Faras) [found & written]
913260I. Faras Gr. 27[found & written]stone? Greek BC08 - AD08 Sudan, Pachora (Faras) [found & written]
913261I. Faras Gr. 32 a[found & written]stone? Greek BC08 - AD08 Sudan, Pachora (Faras) [found & written]
913262I. Faras Gr. 32 b[found & written]stone? Greek BC08 - AD08 Sudan, Pachora (Faras) [found & written]
100408Répertoire d’épigraphie méroïtique 129 descr.[found & written]stone Meroitic cursive BC02 - AD05 Sudan, Pachora (Faras) [found & written]
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