Hipponion (Vibo Valentia)

TM Geo 33100

Italy (Bruttium) - provincia: Bruttium et Lucania (Regio III) - modern region: Calabria - located in the provincia di Vibo Valentia

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Status city: colonia

Latin name(s): Hipponium - Vibona - Vibona Balentia
Modern name(s): Vibo Valentia
Variants: Hipponion (Hipponium) - Vibo Valentia - Monteleone (Monteleone Calabro)

Map: Barrington Atlas, 2000, pl. 46 D4

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204335Inscriptiones Italiae III.1 272, 6 [a]Valentiamstone (limestone) Latin BC02 Italy, Lucania - Forum Popilii (Polla) [found & written]