Leuven Database of Ancient Books

Currently 16516 Greek, Latin, Coptic, Demotic, Syriac and other literary texts.

General coordination:W. Clarysse
Database structure (Filemaker 7):J. Clarysse, B. Van Beek, M. Depauw
Online version (PHP & MySQL):J. Clarysse, B. Van Beek, M. Depauw, T. Gheldof
Data processing:W. Clarysse, H. Knuf (Demotic)
with the assistance of:P. Orsini (dating and palaeography)
 H. Verreth

Demotic entries in cooperation between the project "A Codicological and Sociolinguistical Study of Literary and Subliterary Texts in Ancient Egypt" (Fund for Scientific Research, Flanders; Mark Depauw) and the database Demotic and Abnormal Hieratic Texts (DAHT).